Location, Rules And More


  • Michael Bennett’s Man Cave (16 people max)
  • 20 Raymond Street, Timaru

What to bring?

  1. $10 Entry Fee
  2. Computer
  3. Monitor (large monitors are allowed up to 32″)
  4. Mouse
  5. Mouse pad
  6. Keyboard
  7. Power Cord / Surge protector / UPS
  8. Headphones w/ Microphone
  9. Game cd’s
  10. Spare cash for lunch / dinner and drinks (we have a drinks fridge onsite).

       What not to bring?

  1. Bad Attitudes
  2. Drugs or Alcohol
  3. Board games
  4. Consoles (PlayStation’s, Xbox, Wii)
  5. Speakers (Use headphones)
  6. Patch Cables

       What prizes do you have?

  • Prizes will follow with more People turning up & Sponsors Further down the Track.

       What does it cost to attend?

  • All we ask is a $10 to cover internet, power And rental of the switching equipment.

       What about food?

  • Lunch and Dinner are up to everyone individually.
  • But we normally organize a pizza run for dinner.
  • We have a Fridge onsite for non-alcoholic drinks and water is available free from the tap.

        Are there any other rules?

  1. Please Respect all equipment that might be on premises during the LAN Party.
  2. Please don’t touch anyone’s computer during the LAN Party unless you have been asked.
  3. Please follow all instructions from Timaru Lan Gaming Admin’s that are available during the LAN Party.
  4. Timaru LAN Gaming Admin’s are
  • Michael aka TLG_Spike
  • Ash aka TLG_Afterburn
  • Rick aka TLG_Madhouse